Jaime E. Jiménez, Ph.D.


Although I tried to stay within the formalities of the academia, often I show my experiences in a pictorial way. This is because of three reasons. First, because pictures say more than many words. Images are good records and can greatly complement the written information to help understand research. Second, as a way to educate and provide visual resources to others and to show the immense diversity of forms and colors expressed in our biodiversity that we are affecting so badly. Third, to share with you my hobby, the organisms I have encountered and the places I was privileged to work on and to visit. I hope that you get more aware and become thrilled by the beauty of the landscapes and by the amazing diversity of colors and forms of the living been on our planet.

​Although this might not be the most appealing way, I organized the pictures by subjects or taxonomically to provide a certain structure and to make it easier to find them. I took these pictures at many different localities and at different times. Information on the former is indicated on each picture, as well as the common and scientific names of the species are shown, when it was possible.

Often, pictures are not of the highest quality as I wanted to show the importance of the picture.

​As indicated previously, you are welcome to use the pictures for a good purpose when citing the source. Thank you!

You are invited to explore some of the links below (there are many pictures).

Enjoy the pictures!

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